30 December, 2007

Hours to the New Year

As a believer in doing one new thing each year, I am going to try to document some of my hobby hours -- spent in (and out of) the kitchen -- during 2008. The hobby is not new, the blogging about it will be.

Since I am not yet living in my own house, with the kind of dream cooking area where you can run around the marble-top, copper-pots-hanging-from-the-ceiling kitchen island, there will be no gimmicks, great gadgets or expensive utensils. My focus is on perfecting basic techniques, learning more about new ingredients, discovering recipes and just continuing to feel as if i am meditating while cooking. It's not a celebrity kitchen, but if anything, it should be more relevant to the average young cook at home.

Come take a look, ask a question, give me your suggestion in the new year!

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